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GIRLZ... A Brand New Musical


Girlz traces the story of the rise and fall of a Girl Band over the course of one tumultuous year. We follow Nicky, Alex, Suzie, Frankie and Mia on their roller-coaster ride from audition to recording studio; from stadium gig highs to devastating lows. We witness the impact of pop-stardom on Nicky’s relationship with her indie musician boyfriend Adam, and how fame forces Alex to finally confront her demons. And in the shadows, controlling everything is pop impresario and manager Zak Rich, who pushes the Girlz to their limits, and beyond. 


Featuring large sections of the bands blistering Live Show, Girlz is not only a full-scale musical, but also part live gig. A tragicomic tale of music industry highs and lows with immaculately choreographed pop routines; think A Star is Born meets Six!  Whilst packed with plenty of comedy and humour, Girlz also deals with hard the hitting subjects including mental health, drug abuse, media trolling, sexual misconduct and abortion. At its heart however, it is an uplifting and joyful tale of friendship, music and love. 


With a cast of just seven, and minimal set requirements, Girlz is simple to produce and adaptable to a wide variety of performance spaces, from large theatres to school halls. It contains 14 original songs and has a running time of 2 hours, excluding interval. 

07934 791134

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