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GIRLZ... Character List


Female, early twenties. Narrates the entire story moving in and out of the 'real' action.  An aspring singer/dancer.  Lives with her boyfriend Adam. 


Female, early twenties, Nicky's close friend. Aspiring dancer/ singer. Total live-wire, and risk taker. Sweary, funny, likes taking the piss. Takes pills and possible more to calm herself down. Speaks of a very difficult relationshop with her step-dad. 


Female, early twenties, Singer/Dancer/Song-writer.  The most indie of the group, Played in an indie band before Girlz.


Female, early twenties, Singer/Dancer. Quite spikey. Quite often at odds with Alex. 


Female, early twenties, Singer/Dancer. Quite sheltered and sweet. Enthusiastic about everything. Most naive of the Girlz.


Male, early twenties. Nicky's boyfriend. Plays guitar (ideally) He is an aspiring songwriter. He owns his own small club and record label. Believes in the 'small independent artist' and highly suspicious of the integirty of the mainstream 'pop' industry and major labels. Sweet and funny. 

Mick Richie

Male, Forties. Notorious music business manager and impresario. Very wealthy and powerful.  An old school sexist megalomanic with a reputation for womanising  Wears dark sunglasses most of the time. 

additional small roles played by cast.

Tonnoy Voice

Not seen, Can be voices by either of the male cast.

Beat Boi

Only hear voice, Eccentric prodigy record producer. Needs to be played by actor playing Adam.


Breaks in to dressing room and films Alex. Played by same actor as Adam.


Takes Alex and Nicky's drinks order at U Turn Club. Can be played by any female cast except Nicky or Alex.

GIrl who hugs Adam

No Speaking, Simply appraches Adam on stage, and hugs him. Can be played by any female cast except Nicky or Alex

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