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When news breaks that Father Christmas is unable to work due to a stress related illness, 12 year old Emily Watson suspects a cover up. Together with 10 year old Henry Fowler, she forms the protest group ELF and forges an unlikely partnership with Charlie Hackett, a junior T.V. researcher desperate to make the big time. Their search for truth and justice leads them into a  very grown up world of political corruption, fake news and possibly even to THE BIG MAN himself.


A cast of adults and children reveal the twists and turns of a dastardly political plot to meddle, manipulate and modernize. With thirteen original songs and a supersonic flying machine, Operation Santa is a Christmas Musical for the modern media age.

Performance Time - Approximately 2 hours 10 min, excluding interval.

A completely original score worthy of the 



Jackie Green,

Portsmouth Star 

A refreshingly original story

and a sack full of Christmas Spirit


Kayleigh Millen,

Portsmouth News 

This show deserves a bigger stage


Kayleigh Millen,

Portsmouth News 

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